24 Hour Pre-Service Alternate Route NJ Course

24-Hour Online Pre-Service Course (ALT03)
For candidates applying for their Cerficate of Eligibility, $200
This course satisfies the requirement by the New Jersey Department of Education for prospective teachers applying for their Certificate of Eligibility. The primary goal of the program is to provide the prospective teacher with an overview of the teaching profession, featuring classroom management, lesson planning, and job search strategies. The course is delivered online and also requires a four-hour classroom observation in the student's intended area of endorsement. The course launches with a brief introductory podcast and requires you to listen to additional podcasts, participate in facilitated online discussions, and complete independent assignments using the Rutgers Sakai Communication Service to which all participants are subscribed prior to the start of class.
You DO NOT need to be online at the hours listed on the website for the course. It is an independent study, in which you work at your own pace, however, there are set deadlines for completing class assignments.
You DO NOT need a Certificate of Eligibility or a teaching position to enroll in this course.
The learning modules include:
  • NJ Professional Teaching Standards
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Assessment for Learning

24 Hour Pre-Service Course Schedule