About Rutgers Alternate Route

Teach in the classroom setting with confidence

Our program prepares candidates to thrive as working education professionals with a dynamic learning environment that blends online, face-to-face, and asynchronous independent tutorials. Classes meet one evening per week and Saturday or Sunday per month.

Learn from leading teaching professionals

Learn from leading teaching professionals. Alternate Route’s course instructors have a wealth of educational expertise, classroom and administrative experience. Drawing from their experiences working in diverse learning environments and Alternate Route’s program requirements, they provide experiential insight, practical teaching and management strategies.

Become a State accredited teacher

The curriculum for the Alternate Route Training is determined by the New Jersey Professional Teacher Standards.  Research-based multimedia and print resources  are embedded into the coursework to deliver candidates with the training and skills they need. Course assignments are job-embedded and typically require candidates to plan and teach lessons, reflect on implementation and revise instruction for improved results. At the end of the Alternate Route program candidates will be fully prepared to teach in the classroom setting.

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Dr. Hudson
Course Instructor

Dr. Hudson is perhaps the only master teacher I have ever had the opportunity and privilege to study with and learn from. I have taken 30 physics graduate school credits and 20 teaching graduate school credits at two different universities; yet, the heart, soul, content, and hands on experience, I have absorbed and applied from this course. Dr. Hudson literally has completely eclipsed in all ways anything I have learned from other graduate school courses! This was amazing and I cannot thank you enough. What a great program!

Science Teacher—Newark, NJ

Dr. Pierantroni
Course Instructor

My overall impression of this course is very positive. I have attended 2 classes of another alternate route course with a different provider and by far this class is a much better one. We interact with each other more, we use more multimedia. The independent work is relevant to what we are doing in the classroom. Dr. Pierantoni is pleasant and very helpful so he made the class more interesting and productive. I also like the idea of the conference. Not only did I learn from the sessions but I also got a chance to meet others in my field I would otherwise have not met. Thanks again!

Ibrahim Sheikh, John F. Kennedy High School—Paterson, NJ

Dr Jenkins
Course Instructor

Dr. Jenkins did a wonderful job aiding us in balancing our professional responsibilities with those responsibilities of the class, having us call upon so much of our practical experience. Again, I enjoyed the blended learning environment. Being a new dad, it is important I get to spend as much time at home as possible. I know this is a personal thing, but having the flexibility that the online portions offer is wonderful. I am looking forward to Phase III.

Paul West The Matheny School— Peapack, NJ

Dr Hall
Course Instructor

This course has been very helpful in allowing me as a new teacher to feel less isolated. It is good to have the support and interaction of others teachers who are experiencing similar situations. Likewise it is encouraging to learn from and have access to the wisdom and insight of a veteran educator, Dr. Hall. There is certainly a nice balance of the two. The conference was a nice way for me to have the opportunity to have professional development in areas which interested me, but weren’t part of the normal curriculum. I would take advantage of others opportunities such as this if they became available.

Georgianne Tomkins, West Side High School—Newark, NJ