PLC and Google Classroom: Perfect Together? Join Twitter chat #relmaplra on May 18 @ 8:00 pm

Research Alliances are a critical part of our work in the Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic (REL MA). Our seven RAs include practitioners from LEAs, SEAs, and other educational entities from across the region and provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration among members and REL MA staff along with the consideration of evidence-based solutions to problems of practice. 

One of our RAs is the Professional Learning Research Alliance (PLRA) which focuses on the question of how to best engage teachers and administrators in high-quality, meaningful, impactful, and continued professional learning. While teachers and administrators frequently seek guidance regarding the most effective approach or model of professional learning that best suits their professional needs and circumstances, the scientific literature on the topic is quite fragmented and offers little practical guidance. PLRA is intended to facilitate the acquisition of such practical knowledge and offer educational stakeholders in the mid-Atlantic region the opportunity to collaboratively identify common challenges to and opportunities for professional learning, to share and exchange perspectives and experiences, and to engage in evidence-based inquiry to develop, implement, and evaluate professional development programs that meet their needs and circumstances. 

One of our PLRA members (Luigi Laugelli) is co-hosting a twitter chat on Wednesday, 5/18/16 at 8 pm on PLCs and google classrooms. Join us at #relmaplra if you are able, it is certain to be an insightful conversation! 

And, if you would like additional information on PLRA or any of our research alliances, please check out the REL MA website and/or feel free to reach out to the Research Alliance Task Lead and PLRA Coordinator, Cindy Blitz at

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 20:00