Post date 01/22/18

For our job-hunting NJ alternate route candidates and alumni, we've curated a list of full time teaching job openings in public and charter schools.

Post date 11/25/15

Researcher finds charter school filled with Rutgers CESP Alternate Route graduates to be the highest performing charter school in the state of NJ.

Post date 11/06/15

What role should teachers play in students' lives outside of the classroom? When and how can a teacher intervene? Which laws permit teacher and school intervention?

Post date 10/27/15

Not having a job can be very spooky and unsettling. That's why we're doing our part to help jobseekers from our current and past cohort of alternate route teachers. These job openings are located all across NJ.

Post date 09/29/15

Learn how the Department of Education's updated requirements for teacher preparation and certification affect the NJ teacher certification process.

Post date 09/25/15

NJ teacher certification and alternate route teaching candidates check out our September 2015 listing of K-12, special ed and ELL job openings.

Post date 09/16/15

Meet Harriet Beckerman, instructor of Rutgers CESP Alternate Route's NJ teacher certification program and staunch champion of social justice.

Post date 09/09/15

We surveyed alumni of Rutgers CESP Alternate Route on their career progress since receiving their NJ teacher certification and leaving our program.

Post date 09/08/15

We asked alumni of Rutgers CESP Alternate Route which of our lessons have been most beneficial to their teaching careers.

Post date 08/03/15

Learn how to enhance your LinkedIn profile so that you stand out against other candidates who have received their NJ teacher certifications.

Post date 07/14/15

In this Alternate Route Champion Spotlight, we interview Darci Sosa, a graduate of an alternate route program offered by the NJ Department of Education.


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