Our Work - Using Formative Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning

CESP was awarded the Using Formative Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning grant, funded by the New Jersey Department of Education, to partner with a high-needs school district with a large linguistically diverse population of students. The grant is focused on the delivery of professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators that cultivate the use of formative assessment to plan and deliver meaningful instructional interventions in English Language Arts (ELA), and enhance educators’ data literacy expertise. Key expected outcomes from this two-year project (2013-2015) include building a functioning system for assessment-driven ELA instruction, a high degree of assessment and data literacy among project-participating staff, and access to necessary tools that support effective district-wide in-house turnkey training. The project effectiveness assessment is designed to track progress along identified district’s needs, informed by a needs assessment survey instrument that was administered in the beginning of the project. Project effectiveness indicators include level of teacher satisfaction with provided professional learning opportunities, implementation of specific formative assessment strategies to support ELA instruction, adopted routines for assessment data analysis, and relevant classroom artifacts.