Technical Assistance

Educational reforms and new policies require educational entities to collect, understand, and properly utilize data to achieve the overarching goal of improving student learning outcomes. Our technical assistance services support schools' efforts to implement data-driven instruction and decision-making. Our technical assistance services include:

  • Balanced approaches to assessment design
  • Issues of reliability and assessment scoring
  • Approaches to assessment data interpretation
  • Connections between measures of student growth and measures of effective teaching
  • Individual, grade-level, and building-level PD plans based on relevant metrics
  • School and district-level data analysis
  • Scaling of school-level and district-wide programs based on evidence of effectiveness
  • Preparation of relevant data summaries, reports, and technical manuals
  • Setting up and sustaining effective PLCs
  • Online and in-person coaching for teachers
  • Online and in-person coaching for administrators

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