7 Must Follow Teaching Vets For Sourcing Classroom Ideas on Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable professional development tool for new teachers, enabling them to quickly source and model best practices from teaching veterans, researchers and industry leaders. With more than 260 million users worldwide, it may be difficult to discern which users you should follow.

We received many great recommendations for "follow-worthy" users from new teachers enrolled in the Rutgers Alternate Route Teacher Program. Whether you're new to Twitter or you've been on the platform for a while, consider strengthening your digital professional learning network by following these leading voices in education.


Mrs. Higgins

Mrs. Higgins is a first grade Chinese Immersion Teacher who frequently posts photos and videos of interactive class activities, and shares classroom tools.

Follow Mrs. Higgins


Ms. Napolitano

Ms. Napolitano is a first grade teacher who uses Twitter to document her classroom and engage parents, frequently posting photos and videos of interactive class activities. She also shares classroom tools.

Follow Ms. Napolitano



Jill is a global education and project based learning consultant who uses Twitter to share PBL strategies and resources.

Follow Jill


Kayla Delzer

Kayla Delzer is a teacher leader turned TEDx speaker and workshop leader who shares inspiring tips and resources on how to empower students inside and outside of the classroom.

Follow Kayla Delzer


Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez is a teaching veteran with a background in M.S. language arts who uses Twitter to share tools, resources and guides that can enhance the effectiveness of teachers.

Follow Jennifer Gonzalez


Debbi Lisack

Debbi Lisack is an elementary school leader who uses Twitter to document her teaching journey and share practical tips on student engagement, classroom planning and more.

Follow Debbi Lisack


EOI Teacher

EOI Teacher is an ESL teacher who uses Twitter to share conversational rules and grammar that commonly confuse native Spanish speakers studying English.

Follow EOI Teacher

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Heather Ngoma

Heather Ngoma has over 20 years experience collaborating with educators across New Jersey to drive education innovation. She currently serves as the Director of Rutgers University's Alternate Route Teacher Training Program at the Center for Effective School Practices, a program which helps career changers, recent college graduates and other aspiring education professionals become licensed teachers in New Jersey. Follow her on Twitter @heatherngoma.