Helping New Teachers Get A Handle on Twitter

Many teaching candidates are typically using social media for personal recreation and communication but have not considered how their professional practice might be enhanced by social media. Social media platforms like Twitter, allow candidates to build local and global learning communities by engaging beyond the walls of a classroom. That’s why Rutgers Alternate Route provides opportunities for teaching candidates to leverage social media spaces for professional learning and to expand awareness of new technologies for K-12 teaching and learning. 

Ensuring that our teachers are up to date on the latest tech trends and innovations is a program priority, and the social media platform Twitter supports this effort. We invite new teachers enrolled with our program to join us on Twitter and learn about the variety of professional ways they can use the platform. Using step by step guidance, we help them literally get a handle on Twitter, while demystifying the potential of using Twitter for their classrooms and other professional purposes.

If you’re a teacher reading this, you’re likely now asking What’s Twitter and what’s it got to do with teaching? This video will help answer that initial question.

We anticipate that after viewing the video, the next response will be This is amazing! How do I get started? We’ve got you covered. Just follow the steps in this infographic for details.

Instructions for alternate route teachers on using Twitter


Finally, those with concerns and doubts may want to check out the eSchool News article which may address some of the issues you’re considering. No matter where you are in your social media journey, we look forward to helping you stay on the cutting-edge of education with Twitter as an integral part of your professional learning strategy.

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Sharlene Laud

Sharlene LaudSharlene Laud has extensive experience in education from K-12 to higher education. She currently serves as Sr. Program Coordinator at Rutgers University's Alternate Route Teacher Training Program at the Center for Effective School Practices. Follow her on Twitter@shadualz