Round Up of Guidance On NJ Teacher Certification Requirements For Alternate Route Candidates And Districts

Over the past couple of years, sweeping changes have been made to the State of New Jersey’s teacher preparation and certification requirements process. Though many elements of the teacher certification process have changed, one thing’s for certain: alternate route teacher training programs will continue to make education careers more accessible and affordable for college graduates, substitute teachers and career changers with a passion for teaching.

Our series of guidance on state-mandated changes to NJ teacher certification requirements explains the regulations of the New Jersey Department of Education in the simplest of terms.

School districts and teacher candidates who began their certification process prior to, after and at the start of 2017-18 school year will find the information contained in this series helpful to them.

What Next: A Guide For Alternate Route Candidates Transitioning To The NJDOE SY 2017 Certification Requirements | Published June 2017. Review this for an explanation of how Alternate route candidates who’ve been teaching for more or less than two years are expected to transition from the old system to New Jersey’s newly enacted teacher certification requirements.

Helping NJ Districts Keep Up with Recent Teacher Certification Changes | Published June 2017. In support of New Jersey school districts adjusting to the new changes required by the New Jersey Department of Education, requirements for pre-service, provisional teaching, coursework and  edTPA are explained.

NJ Teaching Certification Requirements for Alternate Route Candidates Explained | Published May 2017. Share this with substitute teachers, career changers, and recent college graduates interested in joining an alternate route teacher certification program to become certified teachers in the state of New Jersey.

New Certification Requirements for Alternate Route Teachers Hired From 2017-18 SY Onward | Published May 2017. Reference this for a breakdown of the changes in NJ state requirements for receiving Certificates of Eligibility, Provisional Certificates and Standard Teaching Licenses.

All You Need To Know About Teacher Licensure & Certification In NJ | Published Dec. 2016. Review this for a full understanding of each certificate that must be obtained during the NJ teacher certification process.

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Heather Ngoma

Heather Ngoma has over 20 years experience collaborating with educators across New Jersey to drive education innovation. She currently serves as the Director of Rutgers University's Alternate Route Teacher Training Program at the Center for Effective School Practices, a program which helps career changers, recent college graduates and other aspiring education professionals become licensed teachers in New Jersey. Follow her on Twitter @heatherngoma.