Drew Gitomer, Ph.D.

Senior Advisory Council
732-932-7496 x8126

Dr. Gitomer serves on the Senior Advisory Council for the Center for Effective School Practices (CESP). He joined the faculty of the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education as the Rose and Nicholas DeMarzo Chair in Education in September 2011. Prior to coming to Rutgers, Dr. Gitomer was a researcher and Senior Vice-President of Research at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, where he most recently led the Understanding Teaching Quality Center. His research centers on the assessment and evaluation of teaching and related policy issues in teaching and teacher education. His current work focuses on a range of constructs, including the quality of classroom interactions, teacher knowledge, teacher beliefs, and student achievement. He and his colleagues are carrying out validity studies of a variety of measures, including classroom observation protocols, classroom assignment protocols, and new measures of teacher knowledge. Through this work, Dr. Gitomer and his colleagues always strive to make progress on understanding the contextual factors that influence the quality of teaching that is observed. In addition to the examination of the academic profile of teaching professionals, Dr. Gitomer’s previous work includes research on and development of assessments for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. He has also conducted research on assessments for students, all from the perspective of developing assessment methods that are directly related to instruction and learning. Dr. Gitomer is currently co-editing the AERA Handbook of Research on Teaching and was co-editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis from 2006–2009.