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Diverse Teachers for Diverse Schools: Diversifying the Teacher Pipeline

cesp diverse teachers

New Jersey Department of Education

This 19-month project will support the development of innovative strategies for recruiting a diverse teaching force and the establishment of a teacher mentoring and induction program in collaboration with a consortia of Passaic County charter schools, all of which enroll their Alternate Route Teachers with the regional training center operated by Rutgers University—Center for Effective School Practices.  Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education for $750,000, this project is driven by the expressed interests of school leaders who wish to leverage the impact of research studies which demonstrate gains in learning for minority students when they are taught by teachers from similar backgrounds.

The goals of this project are to: (1) Increase representation of black and Latinx candidates hired to teach in collaborating schools, and in STEM related or ELL classrooms (2) Ensure collaborating schools have knowledge and systems for supporting under-represented candidates with state certification requirements and for helping them access financial incentive options (3) Enhance the capacity of school-assigned mentoring teams to establish more effective mentoring relationships with teaching candidates from under-represented groups. (4) Establish systems and resources to enable collaborating schools to enhance and sustain their recruitment, mentoring and induction initiatives beyond the grant period. (5) Conduct and disseminate on-going research on the implementation and impact of the initiative to recruit and retain teaching candidates from under-represented groups. This project began in 2018 and is scheduled to end later this year.