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Research Associate
732-564-9100 x23

David Amiel is a Research Associate at CESP, where he enthusiastically works to co-create programs, learning experiences, and methodologically rigorous research and evaluation projects with the aim of improving learning for all people, both big and small. As a dedicated educator himself, he works closely with members of the CESP research team to ensure practitioner-relevant and data-driven instruction and research. David also coordinates the implementation of research and related services, collects data from practitioners through surveys and interviews, and disseminates the work of the Center through written publications and presentations at state and national conferences.

David has been an integral member of the CESP team for a number of years, first while an undergraduate student at Rutgers and now post-graduation. His education in biomathematics, computer science, and cognitive sciences allows him to engage fully in the work of CESP across content areas and learning institutions. His extensive technical and data analytic skills provide the team with indispensable expertise in the meaningful modeling of processes and phenomena. His educational background includes high-level mathematics and the physical and social sciences, such as discrete modeling, graph theory, research exposure in mathematical oncology, and human cognition, among others. Complementary to his work at CESP, David is an instructor at a career and technical education school, where he writes curriculum, advises students, and delivers instruction to aspiring professionals. Additionally, he has teaching experience with K12 students in mathematics and computer science.