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  • 12 Jan
    10 Must-Attend Conferences for New Jersey Teachers

    Conferences have looked a little different this past year. With COVID-19 canceling in-person events, planners and promoters put their heads together to offer virtual experiences for those seeking professional development. 

    And what we learned is conferences can go on! It took an open mind and a lot of changes, but the conference landscape has been able to adapt. As we enter 2021, conferences are still virtual, which we’ve found to have its benefits. People who otherwise couldn’t attend physically now have access to new information, making learning accessible to more, which is always a win.

    New Jersey has plenty of exciting virtual conferences lined up for educators this winter, with topics ranging from equity, health, how the brain learns and more.

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  • 21 Dec
    Getting Hired: 38 Education Jobs for Winter

    Starting a new job is a great way to kick off the new year. Whether you are in the middle of the job search or thinking about switching gears in your career, opportunities abound!

    There are plenty of New Jersey school districts that are currently hiring for winter, with a diverse list of job options for new and veteran educators. We’ve connected with our partners and scoured the internet for current job openings available in New Jersey. 

    See below for a list of current opportunities! 

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  • 10 Dec
    12 End-Of-Year Pieces of Wisdom from New Jersey Educators

    For those ending 2020 with an empty gas tank, please know that’s okay; a lot has been asked of you this year! Always remember that your hard work has impacted many young lives. 

    Take time this holiday break to recharge and indulge in what gives you joy. Doing so will help you get back in the swing of things and give your students your all. To help you gear up for 2021, here are 12 pieces of wisdom from mentor teachers trained by our program who survived their own first year in the classroom and are coaching new teacher colleagues to thrive." 

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  • 23 Nov
    45 MORE Go-To Education Resources Alternate Route Candidates Love

    Last month, we shared 45 of our candidates’ favorite online resources for teaching. The blog post received a great response, which tells us our community is curious and loves exploring resources. 

    Luckily, our candidates gave us so many websites that we were able to gather 45 more online education resources for our community. We are thankful to our Alternate Route candidates for sharing the websites that help make them better educators and hope other educators find them useful as well. 

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  • 10 Nov
    Alternate Route Alum Julia Mills' Key Tips for Passing edTPA

    Preparing for edTPA is a big undertaking, but it is a necessary process for those with dreams of teaching. Alternate Route alum Julia Mills has put together multiple tips for those who need a little guidance throughout the process. Mills is an artist, writer and educator living in Southern New Jersey.

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  • 21 Oct
    45 Go-To Education Resources Alternate Route Candidates Love

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, educators have realized that sharing resources is more important than ever. Teachers across the globe are connecting virtually to share best practices and professional development resources. 

    Sharing resources is important to education because it benefits everyone. Educators are introduced to new teaching methods and tools and students benefit by having an engaging educational experience.

    Recently, we connected with many Alternate Route candidates on which websites they use for educators and why. Below are 46 go-to education resources for multiple subjects that come highly recommended.

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  • 09 Oct
    How to Create a Safe Environment for Your LGBTQ+ Students and Teachers 

    October is LGBTQ+ History Month! In fact, the official establishment of LGBTQ+ History Month was actually founded by a history teacher in Missouri. Rodney Wilson was the first openly gay public school teacher in the state and chose October to represent LGBTQ+ history because the first and second LGBTQ+ marches on Washington happened during the month. 

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  • 25 Sep
    9 Must-Attend Education Conferences for NJ Teachers & Leaders | Fall 2020 Edition

    Education organizations across the state of New Jersey and beyond have planned a variety of learning events for the fall. As in previous years, Rutgers Alternate Route at the Center for Effective School Practices has made it easy for New Jersey teachers to identify PD opportunities for the upcoming fall teaching season.

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  • 24 Sep
    How This NJ School Leader is Helping Teachers and Students Thrive

    Neyda Fernandez-Evans’ personality is perfect for a career in education. Naturally curious, Fernandez-Evans dabbled in diverse career options before she found a home in education. Currently an assistant principal in Metuchen School District, Fernandez-Evans followed her own curiosity to get where she is today.

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  • 10 Sep
    Getting Hired: Teaching Jobs for Fall

    It’s officially the 2020/2021 school year! Although this year looks different from previous ones, there’s still much to be excited about, just like every new year. 
    While many educators are currently diving into their curriculums, others are on the lookout for their next big opportunity. 

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