Dr. Cindy Blitz Presenting at 2016 AEA Conference

Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Blitz, Executive Director at the Center for Effective School Practices, Rutgers University and Ms. Maria Salinas, founder of Dissemination Engagement Strategy Group LLC, for being selected to present their paper at the 2016 AEA Annual Conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 24 – 29, 2016. This year’s conference theme will be Evaluation and Design.

Their presentation is entitled “Dissemination by design: Making Dissemination an Integral Component of Evaluation”. Dissemination is often an activity that is external to the design and implementation of evaluations, whereas in reality it is an integral component of evaluations. Presenters will walk participants through the rationale for considering dissemination by design at each step of the evaluation process and will share examples and tools for integrating dissemination into program evaluations while leveraging best-practices such as tailoring messages and using plain language by systematically engaging with the prospective audiences (i.e., audience analysis and audience segmentation). Presenters will draw from their current and past work disseminating education research findings, and their experience with available tools and resources (e.g., design programs, graphic designers, webinars, infographics, social media).