The Future of Education is Here and Now: It's Time to Act

Check out this great blog post by @jmattmiller at, 10 ways to help students become “future ready”.
His post very eloquently and persuasively articulates the same rationale and sense of urgency that motivated us at CESP to create Our Classroom.
CHANGE. We need to make changes now to the ways we've always done things in education (both in schools and beyond) to equip learners with the competencies and skills needed to meet the ever evolving expectations of the workforce and citizenship in the 21st century, some of which we cannot even begin to imagine. 
CONTROL LEARNING. Let's give students more control over their learning and provide them with the tools and agency to do so. Excellent educators inspire and empower learners, not just transfer knowledge.
LEARN HOW TO LEARN. Let's help students learn how to learn better by equipping them with competencies and skills - critical thinking, problem solving, ethical conduct, collaborative inquiry - that will serve them well in whatever they do with their education.
EXPAND AND PUSH BOUNDARIES. Let's encourage students to take risks (failure too provides valuable lessons), be creative, communicate better (with effective messaging, targeting their messages, and knowing how to best communicate across different platforms and inperson), connect globally (and collaborate - best ideas are shared and co-created), think on their feet (act, be proactive), and think in novel ways. 
LEAVE YOUR MARK. Finally, we all should be thinking about adding value to our world, to our lives, to our work place along with finding our own place in the world! 
Please check out the blog post directly (…) and consider Our Classroom for this summer and beyond when you are seeking additional learning opportunities for your students/children (innovation lab style classes held virtually and synchronously for small groups of students). Some current offerings include Design a Better World and Real Problems, Real Life, Real Math, Real Solutions. Classes coming soon include a Socratic seminar book club (monthly), a coding forum (monthly), a design challenge class focused on acquiring/refining research skills, and much much more. We would also love to work directly with districts and schools on this initiative so please feel free to reach out to us directly to talk about ideas and ways to collaborate, and, we are always looking for enthusiastic, innovative, superb educators who might want to join our community so we also encourag you to connect with us directly.
Thanks for the post @jmattmiller.
Looking forward to the journey ahead!