NJ-ELTA Shares Success in Outreach across New Jersey

NJ-ELTA is extremely proud to have successfully conducted 107 training sessions since January 2015, and we're not stopping here!! In fact, from now through the end of December, we plan to conduct over 100 more training sessions. For a full list of the upcoming sessions click here.

What has made these training sessions successful are our experienced and enthusiastic trainers as well as our insightful and dedicated participants who actively engage together in thoughtful and purposeful dialogue. Feedback to our training has been overwhelming and has included, among many others:

‘This training was informative and I will share each detail with my staff members.’

‘Every activity and video had a positive, uplifting, and emotional impact. It was awesome!’

‘The trainer was able to make the topic easy to understand and follow. Made the class entertaining.’

‘Very engaging presenter, training well designed!’

In fact, NJ-ELTA trainers have been rated as " a great deal knowledgeable" (the highest possible rating) by 100% of participants at the majority of training sessions.

We are also thrilled to be able to report that we are providing training throughout the entire state of NJ and have reached 230 programs and have provided training to over 1600 participants across the state!!

Although we have much to celebrate, we are here to build a system of quality and consistent training support and continue to work hard to further refine and target our work based on feedback from our training participants, our partners at the state level as well as our community college partners, and the field at large. NJ-ELTA is not about us but rather about the system that we are all building to provide the highest quality training to the professionals in the state that care and educate all of our children and the children of our great state.

NJ-ELTA welcomes feedback and suggestions at any time. Please do follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Please review what's on our website, and, as always, please feel free to email or call us directly with any question or suggestions. We're all in this together!!!