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Content Expert

Director of Student Achievement in Weehawken Township Schools

Denis Sheeran is part of the Center for Effective School Practices (CESP) Educational Leadership Team of content experts providing New Jersey educators with engaging and research based professional development. Denis’ sessions are taken from a page from his latest book, Instant Relevance, where he discusses the idea of using today’s experiences in tomorrow’s lessons. He demonstrates strategies for transforming “do now” into “think now,” using Desmos to enhance math education, and using the G-Suite to develop an effective math classroom.

Outside of CESP, Denis serves as the Director of Student Achievement in Weehawken Township Schools, where he provides leadership and supervision in instructional leadership, staff development and evaluation, and data analysis. He previously served as the District Mathematics Supervisor, Chatham School District and prior to that Denis supervised mathematics departments in Edison and Sparta Township.