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Senior Advisory Council

Dr. Zahorchak serves on the Senior Advisory Council for the Center for Effective School Practices (CESP). Now retired, he most recently was superintendent for the Greater Johnstown School District in Pennsylvania from 2012–2015. Over the years, he has held a number of positions in the Greater Johnstown district, both administrative and in the classroom.

From 2006–2010, Dr. Zahorchak was Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania, overseeing the state’s basic and higher education, libraries, and early childhood offices. In this position, he was involved with initiatives such as the Standards Aligned System (SAS), Pennsylvania’s Inspired Leadership Program, the Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education, and the Mid Atlantic States Laboratory for Student Success. Prior to serving as Secretary of Education, Dr. Zahorchak was Pennsylvania’s Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education.

Dr. Zahorchak has also taught or been an administrator in the Allentown, North Star, and Shanksville-Stonycreek school districts, all in Pennsylvania.