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4th International Conference on Research in Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT). Minneapolis, MN 2019

Special Interest Group on Computer Education (SIGCSE).  Minneapolis, MN. 2019 Conference                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Rutgers CS Teaching & Learning Collaboratory 2020

The Rutgers CS Teaching & Learning Collaboratory 2020

A Researcher Practitioner Partnership (RPP): The Computer Science Teaching & Learning Collaboratory, PA CS Summit, June 2020

Cynthia Blitz, Vivian Allen, David Amiel

How may a collaboration between researchers and K12 education practitioners improve engagement with computer science education for all learners?  How do you make this partnership work? The Computer Science Teaching and Learning Collaboratory (CS-TLC) is a researcher-practitioner partnership (RPP) among school districts, schools, administrators, and teachers along with Rutgers University’s Center for Effective School Practices (RU-CESP) and Department of Computer Science (RU-CS). CS-TLC members collaborate to design, adapt, and implement professional learning opportunities; curate and organize resources and tools, and address district-wide processes, procedures, and organizational routines in order to deliver equity-driven, culturally-sensitive, rigorous, and engaging CS education to all students. This session will present the experiences, successes, and lessons learned from CS-TLC.

Recruiting Diverse Learners to High School Computer Science

Cynthia Blitz, Vivian Allen, David Amiel, PA CS Summit, June 2020

Interested in how to put the ALL into CSforAll! Join us for a discussion of practical strategies and techniques for recruiting underrepresented students into computer science while improving inclusivity and equity within CS classrooms. The session will feature lessons and examples from an existing NSF CSforAll funded researcher practitioner partnership (RPP). Strategies addressed will include targeted communication, outreach efforts, school community engagement, leveraging teacher-teacher collaborations, collaborative learning structures, and more. Emphasis will be placed on sharing practical implementation plans and best practices.