Professional Services

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CESP is committed to conducting and translating research into practical solutions for schools, community organizations, government and private sector. CESP offers its services on a fee-for-fee service basis, in addition to engaging and partnering in research and evaluation projects funded by foundations and federal, state, and local agencies. 

Program Evaluation

CESP research staff works closely with clients to conduct evaluations that contribute to better outcomes. Our program evaluation services include:

  • Departmental audits, program evaluation, assessment of organizational and/or logistical practices
  • Appropriate evaluation designs, including sampling frame and data collection instruments, based on qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Design and development of logic models
  • Design and administration of needs assessments
  • Survey construction and administration
  • Interview, focus group, and observation protocol construction and administration
  • Preparation of reports, infographics, and presentations to translate evaluation findings into practical recommendations

Technical Assistance

CESP’s technical assistance services support clients to implement data-driven decision-making. Our technical assistance services include:

  • Program development and implementation
  •  Scaling of client programs
  • Strategic planning
  • Focus groups, meetings and collaborations facilitation
  • Database development and management
  • Data analysis
  • Technical support for data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Data and program evaluation capacity building
  • Organizational strategy
  • Survey research

Training and Education

CESP’s learning programs and workshops for professionals offered through Our Classroom emphasize adult learning in a context of professional networks. Our training and education services include:

  • In-person, online, and hybrid models for professional learning
  • Active, interactive, and applied adult learning models
  • Emphasis on learning communities and professional networks
  • Highly customizable workshop formats – individual coaching, small and large group sessions, train-the-trainer clinics
  • Individualized and personalized training models, targeting specific needs over a fixed period of time
  • Highly skilled trainers, using best practices in adult learning and state-of-the-art workshop content based on most recent research findings in the field
  • Evaluation of training activities to ensure high level of training satisfaction

Grant Services

CESP provides consulting, research, evaluation, and grant development services to schools, state-registered non-profits and businesses.  Our grant  services include:

  • Strategic grant program design
  • Proposal writing
  • Proposal reviews
  • Grant management
  • External evaluator


We know that one size does not fit all. Please Contact us to discuss a range of alternatives and choose the best solution for your needs.