Sample Work

Evaluation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

  • CESP was an external evaluator during the first-year launch of PLCs cross all schools in a large Pennsylvania school district.

Study of Teacher Evaluation Protocols

  • CESP conducted a study of existing teacher observation and evaluation methods at a small school district in North New Jersey.

Using Formative Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning Grant

  • CESP teamed up with the Red Bank Borough Public School District to offer professional learning opportunities dealing with using formative assessment to design interventions for English Language Learners (ELLs).

Regional Educational Laboratory – Mid Atlantic

  • CESP was a member of the Regional Educational Laboratory – Mid Atlantic (REL-MA), a collective maintained by the US Department of Education to conduct research that informs local policy. CESP’s Dr. Blitz was the coordinator of the Professional Learning Research Alliance within REL-MA.

Excellent Educators for New Jersey

  • CESP acted as an external investigator in studying the outcomes of a two year teacher evaluation pilot.

Effect of Infusing Digital Pedagogical Tools into the AVID Vocabulary Program on Learning Outcomes for Middle School Students

  • CESP’s Dr. Cynthia Blitz studied the effects of using digital classroom technology to teach the middle school AVID vocabulary curriculum.

Advancing Teacher Expertise in the Development of Standards-Based Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) in English Language Arts (ELA) for Elementary School Linguistically Diverse Students

  • CESP headed a series of professional learning opportunities for teachers at a very linguistically diverse elementary school.

Doing What Works

  • CESP’s Dr. Cynthia Blitz and Heather Ngoma studied the benefits of including Doing What Works resources in a teacher certification program for non-traditional students.

Common Core Academy

  • CESP’s Dr. Cynthia Blitz created and directed a large professional development program addressing the challenges of implementing the new Core Curriculum State Standards.