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Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation
732-564-9100 ext. 16

Ms. Allen is the Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation of CESP, where she serves as a knowledge broker between practitioners and researchers to facilitate the use of research and data into educational practice and policy. As a knowledge broker, she collaborates closely with practitioners and facilitates professional learning opportunities for them in relation to using data to inform decision-making, among many others. She is a skilled facilitator and works closely with CESP staff and faculty to develop targeted and engaging opportunities for practitioners/educators throughout the education and professional continuum.

Specifically, she is responsible for program conceptualization, implementation and assessment; grant management including database development, quality, and consistency as well as oversight of day-to-day research operations of the center. Over the past 6 years, Ms. Allen has been meaningfully involved in a plethora of funded research and evaluation projects through NSF CSforALL, NSF Itest, NSF Includes, and foundation awards.

Ms. Allen is an expert in STEM education (with a particular emphasis on math and computer science) and has extensive experience with evaluating programs and using this information in an iterative process of program refinement. Her undergraduate and graduate education focused on mathematics and analytical processing and she has extended this with a more recent emphasis on research methodologies with social science theoretical underpinnings. Additionally, she has over 10 years of experience working as a senior project manager in various institutions throughout the tri-state area. Her passion lies in closing educational gaps and health disparities among disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.