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CESP is proud to announce that the center has seen selected as the evaluation team for the Theatre at the Core program, a joint effort between the George Street Playhouse and New Brunswick Public Schools.


Theatre at the Core (TATC) aims to increase achievement and engagement in English Language Arts and Theatre Performing Arts for public school students in grades 3-6, with a particular, intentional emphasis on reaching typically underrepresented learners. The TATC program will impact approximately 1,400 students in over 70 classrooms across 7 schools.


In the capacity of independent evaluators on this project, Rutgers CESP will collaborate actively with the George Street Playhouse on the comprehensive assessment of the TATC residency program by conducting classroom observations; interviews with educators, artist residents, and program staff; and provide ongoing support and feedback for the iterative refinement of the program. In particular, the evaluation will focus on the quality of instruction, student performance and interaction, impacts on learning habits, and overall program implementation.


CESP is looking forward to this collaboration and excited for the opportunity to bring our evaluative experience to young children in an exciting, dynamic environment.