CESP Welcomes Sharlene Laud

Sharlene Laud

We are happy to welcome Sharlene Laud to the CESP team as the Senior Program Coordinator for the Alternate Route Teacher Certification Program. As part of the team, Ms. Laud plays an essential role in maintaining and running an efficient and high-performing program for teachers pursuing certification through alternative licensure.

Before she joined CESP, Ms. Laud worked at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas as a Program Coordinator for two years, where she supported student retention and engagement. She has extensive experience in education from K-12 to higher education.

Ms. Laud holds a M.S. in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Her B.A. in Political Science is from Rutgers University.

To connect with Ms. Laud, follow her on Twitter, or email her at Sharlene.laud@gse.rutgers.edu.